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How to Unlock Keyboard on an Asus Laptop. How to lock keyboard on laptop. Unlocking the laptop is programmable


How to Unlock Keyboard on an Asus Laptop. How to lock keyboard on laptop. Unlocking the laptop is programmable. People who have a child in their family or a cat at home have probably faced a situation when a fluffy pet overheats and overheats on the keyboard. 

And for some reason kids are attracted to these adorable buttons. I can't be interested when I press the key, and different "pictures" pop up on the monitor. 

Well, if the child just opens a document or application, but what if he deletes some important files? How many experiences, nerves and problems can this create? 

To protect yourself and your computer from unwanted manipulation, you should consider a function like locking the keyboard.

First and foremost, what can you do to minimize the damage and find the perpetrators?

  • Add Extra Levels of Security: The possibilities are limitless.
  • If your computer has very important documents and usage

This is possible using keyboard shortcuts or by accessing the computer's settings. 

Currently, most computers have an option to lock the device, which may lead some to believe that the mouse is not working.

You can unlock the mouse using the key or system settings. The fastest way to unlock the touchpad is through the keyboard. 

To do this, look among the function keys for which there is an icon pointing to the touch panel. If this applies to your device, find and press this key to unlock the touchpad. 

There are also models in which the key responsible for locking the touchpad is the same one that is unlocked, working with a light indicating the current status.

How to Lock Keyboard with Hot Keys?

Typically, if an account has been installed on the computer, a window will appear asking for a password to log on when the computer is turned on. Working with files, browsing Internet pages or performing any other actions, you can always return to this window. 

To do this, to return your computer to a working state, you must enter a password using the keyboard shortcut Win + L, of course, but this method will help not only to lock the keyboard, but also to hide what From prying eyes happening on the screen. 

Of course, the password must be chosen according to security rules - at least 6 characters, so that it can be picked up by accidental keystrokes. In this case, digging the keys instead of the child will gain access to your files. 

It is possible to lock the keyboard on a laptop while working on the Internet when switching to full screen mode. to do this, Press Fn + F11 or FN + keys with the lock icon. You can return to normal mode by using the same combination.

Similarly, if it's for your laptop, just find it and press this key to unlock the touch panel. through system settings. Go to the Start menu, and then right-click on Computer. In the next menu, click Manage. When prompted for an administrator password, enter it.

On the Computer Manager screen, click Device Manager. Inside "Device Manager," click the arrow icon next to "Mouse and other pointing devices." Right-click on the touch panel and select the "Delete" option. 

The system will need to be restarted, after which it will be back with the touch panel already unlocked. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in all cases.

Keyboard lock using special programs

You can lock the keyboard with a special program on your computer. One of them is ToddlerKeys. This is convenient because only the keyboard is locked when you start it up, and you can continue to use it with your mouse. 

The installation of this program does not require financial costs, that is, it is completely free of charge. If the need for this program has disappeared, you can simply turn it off. Another program of this type is TypetoEasy 2.0. It is also completely free. 

It will take very less time to install these applications. To do this, you need to download the program, find it in the folder with the downloaded files and click on its icon with the mouse. After that, the installation begins, the user just needs to follow the installation instructions. 

After installing this or that program, You usually need to restart the computer. To enable the computer's keypad lock, start the program, and the mouse will continue to work. 

A program called keyboard locked also performs parental controls, blocking the work of not only the keyboard, but also the computer mouse.

If this applies to your device, just start the program and open the touch panel. Your touchpad is now unlocked and ready to use. 

But if none of the above fixes the problem, then your touchpad may have hardware problems, and you will need to bring it to a service center.

Keyboard locked on laptop

If the keyboard locked on the laptop is causing the problem, it may be worth turning it off. But you need to know about other functions that will no longer be available. If they are important to you, these procedures may not be the solution. Sometimes some of his keys violate some "typing".

Additional Information

It should be noted that all of these programs described above have one significant plus - they are all completely free. In addition, they are easy to install and do not require any special skills. If, upon installation, the application asks you to activate certain codes, or to send a paid SMS for activation, you should not continue with the installation. 

Most likely, this is a virus program that scammers use to extort money. This can damage the computer. There is also a way to disable the keyboard before the next system startup. To do this, perform several actions: [Start Menu - Programs - Standard]. 

There will be a command line in which you need to enter the command "rundll32 keyboard, disable" (enter without the quotes). After this action, the keypad will be locked, which will last until the system restarts.

Opening the keyboard and disconnecting the cable from the device is the solution, not the most difficult. 

Computers and old cars teach us a lot about technology and mechanics. In addition, to cancel the process on hardware, the user would need to shut down the computer and re-open it. 

Add to that the fact that the keyboard is usually attached to the notebook body with a thin, short cable—in which case, reconnecting can be a challenge.

New features added, others removed. The advantage is that it reverses very easily. Now open the file with your favorite editor. Now restart your computer and see if everything works. 

This process will be effective only in the current session. When you reboot the computer, everything is back to normal. If you start another parallel or concurrent session, it will no longer be affected by this setting.


Press Fn + NumMock. The most common mistake among laptop users with trimmed versions of the keyboard is that they will turn on the digital panel with this combination, after which the input of letters is not available in this mode.

Typically, these buttons are located on the right side of the notebook keyboard and sometimes work in conjunction with Fn. 

This function is also convenient for those who are accustomed to a full keyboard and often use its side panels in management.

Built-in locking mode

The application allows you to change some settings for each input device. Here's how to get a list of the current input devices on your system. In my result, that information is of high interest to me in that penultimate line, where I have a "Identifier" keyboard and "Driven keyboard". Adapt examples, data to your reality. Note that in the following list, the paused keyboard device is last, and its position is floating.

Once windows are loaded, and everything is in order, then shut down the system. Now in Device Manager, click next to Mouse & other pointing devices. The composition of materials and their design guarantee the quality and durability of the product. A high size for users who sit in stools, chairs, children or people with small lower limbs.

If you're still blocked if the keyboard is present, use the traditional combination of keys, for example, Fn + F12, Fn + F7, Fn + Pause, Win + Fx (X here instead of any number 1 to 12 So far). This combination should be written in the instructions for your laptop computer.

You download the user manual from the official manufacturer's site (you may be required to register, your e-mail box, enter the notebook's serial number, and), and then, in the absence thereof for any reason, and then, the technical explanation of the keyboard unlock code Contact support if desired information that you will not find in the instructions.

Mood weakness diminishes as teen grows

Adolescence is a time when youth's emotions change every step of the way, but a new study comforts parents: These moods pass and fall. Adjustable height at 07 and 15º support legs with oscillating movements in the tray about 12 for angle and locking that allows you to maintain the same tilt leg at all heights. It can be used in a variety of design situations, without being mounted on the desktop.

When locking and unlocking with the Fn key, you need to pay attention to the icons painted on the keys. 

Often they are placed in square brackets so that you can quickly see them among other keyboard buttons. 

Also, when locking some devices, locate the icon on the button with the lock image or the word lock in square brackets. Don't forget to read the manual more often.

To use the program, you need

It has a millimeter height adjustment system and a quick-fix sliding lock that allows the user to grasp it correctly. Equipped with three joints and 360º turns in each arm, along with linear approach and removal motion, it provides physical space and flexibility. 

With height adjustment for different types of users; Tray curved for vertical or horizontal text; stand at the table; Bookmark to follow texts. Height and angle adjustable for can be mounted in portrait or landscape position.

There are several ways to release notebooks   , but the most efficient is to use the program BIOS_PW.EXE or HDD_PW.EXE. They help generate engineering passwords similar to those stored in the BIOS.

You will need



If the above actions did not lead to success, choose an engineering password - a combination of some letters and numbers that coincides with the checksum of the password stored in the BIOS. To do this, use special programs: BIOS_PW.EXE or HDD_PW.EXE.

Requires the use of a traditional mouse and keyboard. adjustment of inclination by means of a pulley; surface with a hole for better ventilation of the laptop; Lock, provide more security. Foldable, portable, can be carried with laptop, as it takes up little space.

If there are small children in the house

Adjusting the tilt from 28° to 53°, reaching a height of 143mm to 217mm at the top of the tray. Protects your equipment from dirt, static, accidental spillage of substances and impacts; Ensuring mobility and flexibility of your workplace, in addition to facilitating your movement with practical casters with locks.

Enter console cmd HDD_PW.EXE, go to the software directory and enter the desired name, error code, number "0". Wait until the generated password is displayed.

In HDD protection go into the BIOS, enter the generated password, and then leave the field blank instead of the password. Similar actions are performed for BIOS_PW.EXE.

Keyboard Stand - The 900 removes the keyboard and mouse from the desktop surface, providing organization and convenience for the user. Preventive action against diseases like reading. 

The metal accessories are attached to the desktop via screws. It has a creative shape thanks to the cuffs covered with soft polyurethane. Allows you to remove the movement with the telescope.

Sometimes you can turn off the touchpad so as not to interfere with typing when using the laptop's internal keyboard. 

This article provides information on how to prevent the cursor from dropping during information or how to change the settings that disable or enable the touch panel. 

It also includes means to activate the touch panel using the keyboard without an external mouse or touch screen.

For certain types of software, there are specialized software products. For example, pwgen-5dec.exe for notebooks Compaq, Fujitsu-Siemens and Hewlett-Packard, pwgen-fsi-hex.exe and pwgen-fsi-5x4dec.exe - for Samsung - Fujitsu-siemens, pwgen-samsung for .exe.

Do all the work exactly according to the instructions, but it is best to contact specialists.

For instructions, click the Extensions section related to the operating system installed on your computer. Click or select the More mouse option at the bottom of the screen. , See the section below. 

The test will determine whether the touch panel is detected at the hardware level below the operating system. You can use a recovery point to bring up the operating system while the touchpad is running. 

When an error is reported during testing, pay attention to what the error and verification code looks like. 

Then on another device, go to the problem sending page. For laptops without a numeric keypad, you may need to: You need to enter numbers on a regular basis.

On a personal computer you sometimes only have to use the mouse (for example, in games or some programs). In such cases, you can disable the keyboard or just lock the keys. The process of locking keys is very simple and does not take much time. Unlocking the keyboard is also easy.

Why activate the "Lock keyboard" status?

We get less than 975 rubles. If, however, you do not want to buy anything, or if you are interested in this topic, then it should help you to configure your notebook as "keypad is locked." 

This support was originally developed after the seminar on spreadsheets, during which the exercise "Special Symbol Table" was discussed.

Before touching anything, you may need to wear glasses to closely monitor the keyboard, as what you need to understand isn't always exemplary clarity. You have to define two keys. First problem: There is no standardization in this function.

you will need

  • Initial skills of owning a personal computer.


To start, press and hold the "Shift" button on the right for eight seconds.

After clicking the “Options” window you will see a “Special Features,” in which there are three blocks: “Switching Sound Mode.” “Sticky Keys”, “Input Filter” and for pasting keys, the second block (“Keys Paste") in the "Settings" button.

Each manufacturer decides, according to its own criteria, that on their computer, the key is loaded into the configuration "Numeric keypad is locked.

But then again, I've often been given the opportunity to learn how computer manufacturers can have fun exploring teasing and running their customers through an unusual set of encoded hides. 

In this case, to add to the club, there is usually no "text input" for this button or this extraordinary key to determine what conditions the user can use.

In the "Filter Mode Settings" window, you can configure the basic sticking parameters for the key (for example, the state of the mode being enabled, the parameters of the mode and the type of notification about the inclusion of the sticking mode). After making all the necessary settings, click the "OK" button at the bottom of the window.

They must know how to decipher the mysterious esoteric symbols, which must act like pictures so that these buttons, diodes and other special keys can be used more or less easily. Friendly? But yes, of course. Thanks, ergonomists.

Switch to a lockable configuration

Once you've defined your two keys, you can go to action. To do this, you will need to perform the following key combination. While holding this first key, briefly press the "Keypad Lock" softkey. 

Why "briefly": Like all keyboard shortcuts, this key "switch" should not be held for long periods of time.

Useful tips

It is strongly recommended not to disable the keyboard while the computer is on.

Sources say:  How to enable buttons on keyboard

There is a huge selection of different laptops in the market today. They are very convenient to use, compact. 

But often, users have a question, is it possible to lock the keyboard on such a device? There are many reasons for this. For example, a faulty laptop keyboard, spontaneous clicking on keys that young children want to click, or an external connection to "Claudia".

Perhaps, the "Repeat Keystroke" mode is installed on your computer, and this applies to all keys; Including keyboard shortcuts. 

Since it is the same team that activates and activates the modes "off keypad" and "normal keyboard" if you press and hold the second button, you will alternately move from place to place without knowing where you are when you Release key disables the CAN switch.

IMPORTANT: Before writing anything, write down on the paper whose key is used to switch to "Keylock" mode. You will need to revert to the configuration of the "regular keyboard", especially if you understand that this is not the correct key!

how to lock keyboard

There are several ways to disable the keypad. Let us consider some of them. The easiest way to lock the keyboard is by using different key combinations. For example, the Win + L button combination disables it. 

You can remove the restriction by entering the user's password or simply pressing NumMock + Fn. This combination depends on the brand and manufacturer of the laptop. 

On some models, programs are installed that support different combinations of buttons. Fn + f6, as well as fn + f11 can be efficient. The most common fault involves a through combination of digital panels, which completely block the input of characters. Therefore, you have to be more careful.

How to lock the keyboard on the laptop in another way? Disable the keypad physically. Even an inexperienced user can cope with this. Laptop keyboards are usually attached to the motherboard with a special cable. 

How to Unlock Keyboard on an Asus Laptop Therefore, carefully open the body without breaking the seals, and disconnect the cable. If you still unintentionally break them, you may be left without free service if your computer crashes.

The third option for blocking is special programs. There are so many of them, you can buy them in stores and on the network, where they are freely available. You can download programs from various sites, but be careful not to get viruses or Trojans.

Lock the keyboard on the laptop using the popular Toddler Keys program. This is convenient because it works with all versions of Windows. We buy the program and install it on the laptop. 

After launching it, the TC icon appears in the tray. Right-click on the icon with the mouse button and select Lock keyboard from the context menu that appears. It's everything. 

On top of the old keyboard you can set a new one and use it without fear that the buttons will be pressed or triggered.

Pay attention to the following:   after installing the program, you must disable the power button in the item and remove the checkmark in the menu with the lock driver door. 

If you ignore these settings, not only the keyboard but also the button to open the optical drive and turn on the computer becomes inactive. There is one more surprise when working with this program. 

If you double-click on the icon in the tray, it disables not only the keyboard, but the screen and mouse. To unlock, enter the password you see on the monitor.

If there are small children in the house

If you often work on your home computer, but you have a child who is trying to help you type text in ICQ, extract some files, or open a pair of windows, then the question is Kids Keypad As for locking arises. 

If the child is still small, you can clean the table or closet. But over time, the child learns to push the chair and get what he needs. Therefore, you need to know how to lock the keyboard from the laptop to the laptop.

Program block: protection from the fickle hands of children

Download block program. With Russian interface, it is very easy for kids to manage with a quick and invisible lock and a flexible setting. The program is easy to remove from the tray. 

You can set the lock to boot the computer, and the child may not even turn it on. This program has proven itself in terms of protection from not only children, but also intruders trying to get on the computer and use your information.

Notebook from Asus

Notebooks from Asus are also equipped with an Fn button. So, you can try combining it with a set of pauses, F12, F7 or Win + Fx, where X - it can be any number from 1 to 12. Note down the instructions on your computer - these combinations are often registered. 

If you are not helped by various "hot" keys and special programs, go to the official website and download the user manual. 

If the keyboard on the Asus Notebook is locked and you cannot find a way out of the situation, contact technical support. They will prompt the correct code to save the laptop.

Touchpad is blocked, what to do

There are times when you accidentally blocked the touchpad. To return it to the working state, press F7 + Fn. The icon will appear on the screen. Know your laptop. 

On keyboard buttons, manufacturers often draw pictures with the same color as the Fn button. Therefore, to know the interpretation of these characters, you can easily find any combination of keys - and the question of locking the keyboard on the keyboard, quickly disappears.

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