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Microsoft Office 2021 Launching Alongside Windows 11

If you want to take advantage of cloud-based Microsoft 365 / Office 365, Office LTSC (Long Term Service Channel) is an alternative. This is one of the Office adaptations for non-Microsoft members, along with regular Office 2019. Microsoft wants to release Office 2021 with Windows 11 within a month, while now having easy access to new versions of Office LTSC.

Microsoft Office 2021 Launching Alongside Windows 11

Office 2021 will be released on October 5, the same as Microsoft releases Windows 11 to the majority. As always, this is a non-cloud-based non-membership form designed for buyers. According to Microsoft, Office 2021 is licensed exclusively for a single computer or Mac device. According to the company, Office 2019 is active, so the assessment will continue as before.

For Office LTSC, it's currently accessible and offers the benefits of Microsoft 365 for certain situations. Like most Microsoft LTSC versions, Office has five years of support. Importantly, this is also the help window that Microsoft has promised for Office 2021. 

Moving to Cloud

Microsoft is gradually focusing on migrating customers from local contracts to the cloud. It is included for Office. Still, the company says it will continue to offer endless forms when directing customers to the cloud.

"This isn't our last endless version, but we're still guessing it's much easier for customers to adopt Microsoft 365. By mid-2020, we'll provide our customers with a true device-based licensing representation. We've started a gadget-based contribution to Microsoft 365. For associations that rely on shared workstations.

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