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How to Enable Locked Keyboard on a Laptop

How to activate the keyboard lock on a laptop The keyboard on some laptops can be disabled by the user, but what if the disconnection did not happen as you wanted or if you accidentally used this feature. There are several ways you can turn off the block, which will be discussed in this article. 
How to Enable Locked Keyboard on a Laptop

What Could Be The Reason For Blocking

Depending on the reasons that led to the keypad being locked on the device, you will need to determine your subsequent actions and an acceptable way to carry them out. Here are the main reasons for the keypad lock.

  • It has been locked by you or another user. It could have happened accidentally or on purpose. Typically, on many laptops, it is possible to lock the keyboard using a "hot" key. 
  • Combination Equipment failure.Here it is already more difficult, because it is possible that the keyboard must be completely changed; 
  • System lock. Due to a system error, your laptop's keyboard may be locked. A series of actions may be required to unlock it, depending on the complexity of the error; 
  • Virus infection.First of all you need to remove the antivirus software which is on the laptop. 

Let's move on to ways to solve the problem.

Option 1: Keyboard Shortcuts 

This option is suitable in cases where you or another user accidentally or intentionally locked the keyboard using a keyboard shortcut.Also, keep in mind that the laptop and Windows can cause system errors, which can lead to a keyboard lock, however, this happens very rarely. If this happens, keyboard shortcuts can help you in most cases. 

Let's move on to the available keyboard shortcuts:

The key combinations considered are suitable for laptops from all manufacturers, be they Lenovo, ASUS, Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, HP, etc. The only exception may be very old laptops, which have not been on sale for a long time, for such models, as a rule, the laptop keyboard locked or is locked using a separate button on the housing. 

Option 2: Hardware Troubleshooting 

You do not need to use keyboard shortcuts to disable the keyboard on Windows laptops. It can be disabled by standard system tools.In addition, sometimes there are various malfunctions in the system, which can cause the keyboard to be disabled. 

The solution to this problem can be found in the following instructions: 

This method is completely universal for all laptops and operating systems, starting with Windows Vista. 

Option 3: Blocking Programs 

It is possible that a blocking program is installed in one way or another on your laptop that blocks the keyboard under certain conditions, unfortunately if this happens it will be very hard to bypass the action of these programs and you will have to use an external keyboard and then look for a program that is blocking the main keyboard. 

However, even in this case, many difficulties can arise because such programs run in the background and try to hide their data as much as possible, which complicates the search process. 

Certainly, some programs have special keyboard shortcuts that can unlock or call up that program's interface immediately. Try these combinations: 

These programs are not always viruses, but they are also very rare. Typically, they can be installed by another user who does not want anyone else to use the computer. True, in such cases a password is usually set for the operating system. 

Option 4: Virus Activity

There are viruses that can block keyboards and other controls on laptop computers.In such cases, you will need to scan for them using antivirus software and then remove them. However, virus removal cannot guarantee that the keyboard will work immediately afterwards; it may also be necessary to use other methods presented in the article. 

You can scan your computer with standard Windows Defender, but this is in cases where no commercial antivirus is installed on your computer. If it is installed, it is best to check it. As there are many antivirus solutions on the market, it is impossible to give universal instructions for everyone, so let's look while using the example of Windows Defender:

If after removing viruses, the keyboard was still not unlocked, so review and follow the other solutions in this article.

Option 5: Clean The System From Debris

If the system is too crowded with junk files, it may run smoothly and slowly. Fortunately, this problem is solved by cleaning the system and the registry using special programs.It is not recommended going into registry or system partitions yourself, especially if you don't really understand what you are doing as it can only make matters worse. 

Let's take a look at the cleaning process using the CCleaner program as an example.


As you can see, there is nothing difficult to activate the locked keyboard on a laptop from any manufacturer, be it Lenovo, Samsung, Asus, Acer, etc. You may have to use multiple solutions to the problem at the same time, which have been described in this article.

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